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Wascosa "Safe Tank Car ®" - new generation 2020

(Photo: Wascosa, added 09.04.2021).

A new special tank wagon from WASCOSA for the transportation of acrylonitrile by Dutch company AnQore.

The new wagon design is a further development of the "Wascosa safe tank cars®", which was launched in 2010. The most notable features are the self-supporting tank construction as well as the special headshield, namely the "PS02 Protection Shield" from the system supplier EST Eisenbahn-Systemtechnik. This was specially developed for this wagon. The PS02 Protection Shield protects the tank in the event of a collision with the wagon next to it or with other vehicles and obstacles. Because it is located far forward at the front of the wagon, it repels dangers to the tank as early as possible, rather like the lateral anti-climb protection above the buffers.

Apart from safety advantages, the new design allows for an increase in productivity of chemical transport by rail, e.g. through weight savings. This has been made possible by a more efficient use of materials, which was determined by means of calculations using the finite element method and verified in practical tests. Despite the additional, modern safety features, the wagon has an enlarged tank for acrylonitrile with an optimised volume of 93 m3.

Further features of this new design are the derailment detectors, the crash buffers with a particularly long deformation path, the anti-climbing protection in accordance with RID TE 25 a) as well as telematics.

(Photo: EST, added 09.04.2021).

Wascosa"Safe Tank Car ®" of the new generation near Wiesental
(Photo: Wolfgang Mauser, added 09.04.2021).

(Photo: Wolfgang Mauser, added 09.04.2021).

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